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Dmitry Gutov
Moscow Summer, video, 2000

The film was shot during the unbearable heat in the summer of 2000 with the hidden camera in the Moscow underground, which keeps being a unique and most significant monument of the Soviet epoch. The film is accompanied by singing of Arkady Severny, the most popular informal singer of the 1970s whose voice never used to be transmitted or broadcasted at that time. It was recorded at a concert in Odessa in 1976. Accompanied by the “Chernomorskaya chayka” ensemble Severny performs a song based on the verses by Sergey Yesenin ‘Sing, sing on the cursed guitar…’

View of the installation in the show-room of Artists’ association «ArtEast» (Bishkek)

Video screening in the Gallery “Arka’ (Vladivostok)

Ě., Scheme of Moscow Underground Circle, canvas, oil, 2000 (author’s reiteration)