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Aleksey Plutser-Sarno
I will Exchange Voucher on Electric Plane ("Museum of Peoples Ads")

The whole Russia has been covered with ads for 20 years. Ads are stuck on everything that stands, moves and does not smell. The world of Russian ads is unique and astonishing. Here its possible to exchange a voucher on a plane and find a crow that speaks. Authors and readers of wall ads is a community of poor citizens, who do not use computers, who simply cannot advertise in a special newspaper. These people got tired of social guiding lines. Here is a character of the Russian anonymous wall ad: "An old woman. Left home and hasnt returned. Small, humpbacked. Cloths: a blue dress, a red woolen cardigan, with a white red-flowered kerchief round her head, grey home slippers on the feet. No memory". Such ads abound, their tragic characters have lost the present, do not hope for future, they do not know the present day.
But the main peculiarity of this world is endless prohibitions, refusals and repressions. A big part of the collection Museum of Ads is endless official refusals and imperative taboos ("no entrance", "I do not answer any questions", "no reception"). It is the universe of miserable people, thrown out to the roadside of the world.