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Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Lost Paradise
Curators: Gulnara Kasmaliyeva, Muratbek Jumaliyev (Artists’ association «ArtEast»)

The Kirghiz have their favorite parable: the God distributed land among people. The Kirghiz was sleeping at that time, therefore, he was indignant when he woke up being deprived. The God had no choice but to give him the land he had stored up for himself…
The discrepancy between the splendor of nature and citizens’ miserable existence amazes any visitor, and the habit to get everything gratis has determined the favorite professions: cop, customs official, tax official. In the country of English fields, mountain lakes and glaciers that used to be the “All-Union health resort”, today the geographical dead end and former outskirts of the Russian Empire, several identities have been mixed for 15 years: pro-Russian, pro-Western, Turkic-Islamic. Being squeezed between four neighboring countries and being turned into a zone of interests of three regions: Russia, USA and China, Kirgizia is only on the threshold of comprehension of the “charisma”. That is probably why the apocalyptic and victimized status, self-irony and joking with the slight shade of contemplation have become both the object of consideration and artistic method of most participants of the Kirgiz part of the project.

Presentation of the project was held at the show-room of Artists’ association «ArtEast»

Show-room of Artists’ association «ArtEast»

Yury Vasiliev (Kaliningrad). Video installation “Fringilla”

Valery Orlov, Alexandra Mitlyanskaya (Moscow). «Territory» Metro, photo, video

Ulan Japarov
Gamal Bokonbaev
Gulnara Kasmaliyeva, Muratbek Jumaliyev
Aleksey Shindin (Almaty. Kazakhstan)
Yerbol Meldibekov