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Miner’s Day, or New Carbonari
Curator: David Zaripov (free-lance curator)

In Kuzbass miner is not just a profession. Every day these self-sacrificing, unknown people, risking their life, go down deep under ground in order to extract by their own sweat and blood the wealth of Russian – the coal of Kuzbass. When their time, their day, comes the country discovers its heroes. They smile from round all the corners. They look at you with their big eyes from each post. Kind and smudgy with flowers in their hands, the people of the profession that has become heroic so easy. But what’s going to happen after? Will they be the same or change? Will we be able to say ‘miner’ so easily and carefree meaning ‘hero’?

Presentation of the project was held at the Kemerovo State University

Group PNK (Kemerovo). Series of posters “Miner’s Day, or New Carbonari” – exposition in the Kemerovo State University

View of exposition

Elena Nikitina (Vladivostok). “The Chinese! Cheaply!” – exposition in the Kemerovo State University

Group PNK
Vadim Goryaev