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Curator: Victor Sachivko (Museum and Exhibition Centre, Krasnoyarsk)

Krasnoyarsk posts. Photo by Vadim Zhivotovsky

It’s known that territorially Krasnoyarsk is situated at the geometrical centre of Russia, i.e. in the place equidistant from its external border. Besides, chronologically this territory has been populated relatively recently, Krasnoyarsk is 377 years old from the moment a prison was founded. Today Krasnoyarsk is a large industrial city, cultural and administrative centre of the Krasnoyarsk region, a Russian region, the territory of which in the north and in the south faces the external frontiers of the Russian Federation.
“In the heart of Siberian ores” – these words from the famous poem are still topical. “In the heart” they still have retained the traditional “proud patience”, but also something new – the radioactive waste. And though the “second” development of the territory in the 21st century is undertaken at a significant geological depth, history, returning to the initial principle of development that presupposes “waste release”, reiterates also external, superficial consequences. No people, cultural narrow-mindedness. Originality and provincialism. And magnificence of pristine nature.

General view of the exposition in the Krasnoyarsk Cultural-Historical Museum Complex

CAT group (Novosibirsk).”De-Monstration”, prints

Aleksey Plutser-Sarno (Moscow). Performance “How to become Russian”

Dmitry Kukharenko, Oleg Ampilogov, Oleg Ponomarev, Victor Sachivko