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People behind the Verge of the Nervous Breakdown
Curator: Vadim Osadchy (Eurasian Centre for Contemporary Art)

The Kurgan region is one of the poorest and depressing regions of Russia. In spite of short history (60 years), the region has experienced rapid growth of agriculture and industry, and then its complete collapse. When a new constituent entity was formed, the provincial city of Kurgan with several tens of thousands of people turned into a regional centre. Some years later the city grew to half million people. The decay of the military-industrial establishment and agriculture in the 90s had resulted in shut-down of almost all the enterprises in the city. Unemployment and lack of money overwhelmed the population of the regional centre. The rate of crime, corruption and suicide was highest in the country. Those who were lucky moved to safer neighboring regions - Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Yekaterinburg. The unreasoned policy of the local governing body, lack of prospects, tiny salaries and highest prices on products, goods and services in the region, led the people not only to material impoverishment, but also to psychic one. Loss of an adequate self-appraisal, anxiety, fixed ideas, phobias, depression, - this is not a complete list of the main conditions of the people who had to survive here. The main objective of the project is to try not only to fix the frontier conditions of people, but also to consider various ways of development of the socio-cultural situation in this region.

Presentation of the project was held at the Kurgan Regional Art Museum

Andrej Logvin. Author's poster for the project presentation in Kurgan.

Ulan Japarov (Bishkek). “See No Evil, Hear No Evil” – exposition in the Kurgan Regional Art Museum

Video screening of the program ”9000 km of Video”. Oleg Lystsov (Nizhny Tagil), video “My Bows”

View of exposition

View of exposition. Evgeny Umansky (Kaliningrad), “Chanukah”

Nikolay Oleynikov (Nizhny Novgorod). “Sleeping workman”, prints

View of exposition

Vadim Osadchy, Dmitry Gabitov, Vladimir Cheban