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Ownerless or Suspicious
Curator Valery Korchagin (National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow)

The reason for broadening the definitions of these notions has become the unique geo-political situation that developed on the post-Soviet territory. Jealousy raised to the maniacal power has become an indispensable attribute of everyday life, which determines not only quality of a subject, as it used to before, but also quality of an object an unknown thing. Respectable citizens are strongly recommended to be cautious and display vigilance to uncared things, and after making sure that they are suspicious, immediately report about the ownerless find. The definition of being ownerless condition has also changed in the context of contemporaneity. If yesterday any thing left in a public place would become ownerless, even a dog that lost its owners, today, as a result of endless repartitions of the national weal and recourses, any citizen who doesnt fit this system of repartition may get the status of being ownerless.

Media presentation of the project was held at the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art in the framework of a Special project of the Second Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Arts

View of the media installation 9000 km

Visitors of the exhibition: Nicolas Iljine, European representative of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, Vasily Tsereteli, Executive Director of the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art

Media presentation of the project was held at the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Moscow) within the framework of the exhibition of the nominee projects of the Second Russian National Contemporary Art Competition "Innovation".
The project "9000 km" was among five best projects selected by the Council of experts in the nomination "Regional contemporary art project".
The exposition was in the format of a web presentation and was accompanied by screening of the program entitled "9000 km of Video".

Opening of the exhibition of the nominee projects of the Competition "Innovation"

Dmitry Gutov, "Moscow Summer", video. Touch-screen with interactive presentation of the project "9000 km"

Mikhail Mindlin, director of NCCA and Leonid Bazhanov, art-director of NCCA at the exhibition opening

The project was presented within the framework of the parallel program of the 11th International Art Fair ART MOSCOW in the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibition occupied 10 show-rooms on the 3rd floor of MMCA, the lift and the territory in front of the museum entrance. Each show-room presented works of artists from separate regions of the country forming a common image of present-day Russia.
Installation created by artists from Yekaterinburg Viktor Oborotistov "White Roses of Shostakovich" forestalled the museum exposition: absolutely white sheets at the background of bronze monuments and sculptures with patina. In the museum lift the audience gets into a total installation of Aleksey Plutser-Sarno "Museum of People's Ads". The exposition was distinguished as hi-tech: a significant amount of video and photo installations, projections and light-boxes were presented.

Aleksey Chebykin (Kaliningrad) "Ideology of Space", 3D modeling, print, 2006

Yevgeny Fiks (New York, USA) "Semiotics of Explosion", video, 2005
Michael Rakowitz (New York, USA) "Minaret", video, 2005

Victor Oborotistov (Yekaterinburg) "White roses of Schostakovitch", installation in urban environment, 2006

Valery Orlov and Aleksandra Mitlyanskaya (Moscow) "Territory" Metro", video, light boxes, 2004

Vaclav Magid, Vasil Artamonov, Aleksey Kluykov (Prague, Czech) "How we helped", video installation, 2006

Yury Vasiliev (Kaliningrad) "Zolingen", installation (video, slide-show), 2002

Aleksey Plutser-Sarno (Moscow) "Museum of People's Ads", installation in lift, 2006

Dmitry Gutov (Moscow) "Moscow Summer", video, 2000

Valery Korchagin (Moscow) "Ownerless or Suspicious", flash animation, 2005

Yevgeny Umansky (Kaliningrad) "Chanukah", photo installation, 2000-2006

Opening ceremony

Elena Nikitina (Vladivostok). "Exhibition", video, 2005-2006
Lilya Zinatulina (Vladivostok). "Intersection of Space", graphic art, 2006
Dmitry Kukharenko, Oleg Ampilogov, Oleg Ponomarev, Victor Sachivko (Krasnoyarsk). "The Krasnoyarsk small lighthouses", installation (lamps, acryl), 2005

Valery Korchagin
Valery Orlov and Aleksandra Mitlyanskaya
Dmitry Gutov
Aleksej Plutser-Sarno