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New York, USA

Curator: Elena Sorokina (free-lance curator)

The subject of geographical space and its new replenishment was broached at the exhibition Spaces of Conflicts in the Post-Soviet Art that took place in New-York. Its absolutely obvious that symbolic interpretations of 9000 kilometers constantly change, as well as its socio-economic parameters. The former Soviet space understood hierarchically, as a pyramid of power, has split into hostile quasi-democracies, where special decomposition and re-integration, and stabilization of new boundaries and relations take place. At the same time a new Russian territory is consolidating. The exhibition touched upon not only the colonial space of the former Soviet Union, but also urban territories of the post-Soviet cities, which turned into an arena of struggle for existence, and also their architectural and territorial fragmentation. Very often this space is comprehended by artists as socially irresponsible and uncontrolled.

Yevgeny Fiks
Michael Rakowitz