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Infantile disease of leftism in the contemporary art of Novosibirsk
Curator: Konstantin Skotnikov (Autonomous Non-profit Organization “Buro of Topical Culture”)

The artist living in the N city is used to slap in the face of the public taste. He has become famous for that and he sticks to it. The new generation of Novosibirsk artists, despite another taboo – a veto on “terrorism”, cannot help “kicking” the propagandistic cretinism, fighting with windmills. Yes, terrorism, motherfucker, but metaphorical one, terrorism as a form of slap in the face of the public taste – kind of a contemporary slap in the face. For instance, specially for policemen: taste is not a person, it’s a property of thinking, it’s an idea! A slap in the face of the taste but not a person! I mean not mere hooliganism but aesthetics! Law and order authorities are still fear that “ideas will obsess the masses”? No doubt the ideas will be immature, they will be even not ideas exactly, but some artistic frame of mind that will obsess the masses and what then? How terribly: the masses will go to take the Winter Palace by storm, pull out Chelsea footballers’ legs, and hang Whitney head first?
By the way, concerning the aesthetics: if someone defines mere hooliganism as art project, it means that it’s really an art prowject. At least in Novosibirsk. It’s easy to explain this: in case someone engages in hooliganism, i.e. violates public order under the pretext of artistic status of these actions, what about it? In this case he will be both a script writer, director, actor and PR-manager, i.e. an artists in the widest sense of the word, with a number of artistic skills. In any case an author-violator will have to strain his brains in the face-to-face meeting with the art community, explain why the project artistic is and so on! As soon as the author-violator is ready to answer to a critic, curator, colleague, and kind audience, it will be easy as pie to answer to an investigator and public prosecutor. Easy because artistic violation of public order doesn’t presuppose banal violation of public order – artist’s actions are metaphorical, they symbolize other things, ideal, genuine, utopian, desirable, and abstract ones.
One can start from the very beginning! Forward, to the aesthetic terrorism!

12.09 - 15.10.06
Presentation of the project was held at the Novosibirsk Regional Art Museum

Valery Orlov and Aleksandra Mitlyanskaya (Moscow). «Territory» Metro

Dmitry Shubin (St.Petersburg). “The Russians”

Evgeny Umansky (Kaliningrad). ”Chanuka”

Nikolay Oleynikov (Nizhny Novgorod). “Sleeping workman”, prints

View of exposition: Group PNK (Kemerovo), “Miner’s Day, or New Carbonari”; Elena Nikitina (Vladivostok), “The Chinese! Cheaply!”

Dmitry Bulnygin
Vyacheslav Mizin (Blue Noses group)
ÑÀÒ Group