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Prague, Czech

Learn Russian, We'll Be Back!
Curator: Alena Boyko (assosiation «Eastern Alliance»)

The territory where older generation often refuses to speak Russian, and younger one doesn’t understand it. Historically justified xenophobia at the background of the widely used Soviet symbolism. History of Russian emigration in Czechia began in the 20s of the 20th century, when far-sighted Masarik used the Russian gold brought from Russia during interlunation to support and develop Russian culture in Prague. This is how a dream about a fairy tale began, and everyone aspires to get there, and many, like Marina Tsvetaeva in her time, in response to the traditional Russian openness and emotionality find only estrangement, German coldness and prudence, and Kafka’s absurd of bureaucracy. In such a way inevitably begins the search for self-identity accompanied by throwing the bridges over “hither-thither”. The action takes place at the background of beautiful landscapes, tour booklets and numerous shops that sell caps with ear-flaps, Budenov-style hats and various attributes of the time, which is gone for us, but for them it’s being re-conceived again and again. “Learn Russian, we will be back!”, - one can often hear this phrase here. We always come back. But do we always feel ourselves as winners?

Vaclav Magid, Vasil Artamonov, Aleksey Kluykov