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That’s the limit
Curator: Ekaterina Sedykh (freelance curator)

There is an impression that at the time being the main threat to Russia is concentrated at the Muslim battle-front. However, at the very Eastern border of our vast Motherland potentially even more fatal conflict can break out.
The stand in the historical museum of the Russian Far East city of Khabarovsk depicts a typical habitat of people populating this region 140 years ago. It portrays a big pot with a bulging bottom over a stove, with smoke of it drifting under the ceiling and heating the neighboring living room of Chinese dwellers. Today just few kilometers away from the city there is a new village of houses absolutely similar to the one represented in the museum. Former inhabitants – Chinese peasants – come back to these lands and intend to stay there, thus creating prerequisites for a greatest geopolitical problem of the 21st century. By massacre, slaughter and mass deportations during the period between 1860 and 1937 Russia put an end to the Chinese presence on those territories that had lasted at least one thousand years. And the Chinese people have not forgotten this. On Chinese maps the region is still marked as an unduly taken part of China. Hundred – thousand of the Chinese living in the Russian Far East, say that they are in China. They also say that they began recovering their own territories.
Officially China and Russia are on friendly terms, and open territorial disputes concern only several islands. Unofficially Russians are horrified and despaired of withholding the Chinese, the most confident and nationalistically inclined of which consider restitution of their territories as predetermined. Migration of million of the Chinese to Russia, legally or illegally, is similar to the irresistible power of nature…

21.02.- 4.03.06
Presentation of the project was held at the Gallery «Arka» and at the regional branch of the Union of Artists of Russia

Andrej Logvin. Author's poster for the project presentation in Vladivostok

Opening of the exhibition in Gallery «Arka»

Exposition in Gallery «Arka»: Dmitry Kukharenko, Oleg Ampilogov, Oleg Ponomarev, Victor Sachivko (Krasnoyarsk), “The Krasnoyarsk small lighthouses”; video screening of the program “9000 km of Video”

Exposition in the show-room of the «Union of Artists»: Lilya Zinatulina (Vladivostok), “Intersection of Space”; Evgeny Umansky (Kaliningrad), “Chanuka”

Elena Nikitina (Vladivostok). “Acupuncture” – exposition in the show-room of the «Union of Artists»

View of exposition

Elena Nikitina
Mikhail Pavin, Yevgeny Makeyev
Konstantin Solo
Irina Fomicheva
Lidia Kozmina
Lilya Zinatulina